Cradle Cap Brush & Comb Set
Cradle Cap Brush & Comb Set

Cradle Cap Brush & Comb Set

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The cradle cap brush and comb set is the perfect newborn grooming set to gently remove cradle cap. 

The cradle cap brush with soft, silicone bristles gently massage the scalp to remove cradle cap, while the fine-tooth comb lifts flakes away for baby’s comfort. 

Removable bristle pad for easy cleaning. 

Our innovative Sprout Ware® plant-plastic is a non-toxic, lightweight, durable, and recyclable material made without PVC and hormone disrupters like BPA for baby’s health and safety. Safer materials reduce the risk of chemical leaching—with our Cradle Cap Brush & Comb Set, your little one’s hair touches only Sprout Ware® plant-plastic and 100% food-grade, platinum cured silicone. 

Made in BSCI-compliant factories to meet international fair labor practices and protect workers’ rights.